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Baby Monthly Growth Chart

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Baby Monthly Growth Chart

Learn about your baby's first-year milestones, including physical milestones, language. Our growth chart tracks his height and weight month-by-month.
Fast fact: By age 6 months, most babies have doubled their birth weight.. What are growth charts and percentiles, why does the size of your baby's head matter, .
Enter your child's measurements and we'll show you – with percentile numbers and personalized growth charts how your child compares in size with other .
Age. Weight. Length. Birth, 5.1 – 9.7 lb, 17.6 – 21.1 in. 1 Month, 6.6 – 12.6 lb, 19.3 – 22.9 in. 2 Months, 8.4 – 15.2 lb, 20.6 – 24.3 in. 3 Months, 9.7 – 17.2 lb, 21.6 .
Use The Bump month-by-month baby milestones chart to learn about the developmental milestones baby will reach and when baby will reach them.

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