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Best Dual Color Deck Mtg

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Best Dual Color Deck Mtg

What is the best combination of colors for a deck?. Two colors still gives you relatively consistent mana, so you aren't "color screwed" (not having enough lands of the necessary colors to play. MtG vets, what say you? cool.
Complete Dual Color Quest With A Mono Color Deck In MTG Arena. You provide good info re Arena in.
Building a deck can be fun but making it competitive can be a difficult process.. When you use a 60 card deck, 24 mana will suffice, but at the very least one land for every two spells.. It's generally better to keep your deck to 2 or fewer colors.. Retrieved from "".
I played two colours and splashed black at my pre release.. I went to build, and made me feel better about the 4 or 5 red cards in my deck.
Updated Feb 11, 2017 by arthurxisde using our MTG Deck Builder. My personal list of top six commanders in each color. The threshold of six came from the .
I was thinking that I would try to build a cheap mono-color deck as I assume. Monocolor decks are probably best for a beginner since the .

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