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Best Fertilizer For Flower Garden

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Best Fertilizer For Flower Garden

Smart gardeners know that heavy fertilization of perennial garden plants. Perennial flowers, ground covers and grasses generally don't need a lot of fertilizer and,. Broadcasting a slow release fertilizer is the best choice to meet season-long .
Dry Fertilizer. Dry, or granular, fertilizer releases nutrients to your flower bed over a long period of time. Unless your flowers need immediate nutrient boosting, dry fertilizers are helpful for busy gardeners. Look for either synthetic or organic blends that are highest in phosphorus, such as 15-30-15.
I have to admit, I don't really fertilize my flower gardens. Fertilizing is a very. The best thing to do is to read and follow the directions on the fertilizer package.
Feeding (fertilizing) flowers keeps plants healthy and rewards you with great color. label often tells you which kind of fertilizer is best for your particular garden.
Many rely on the old standbys—animal manure and compost—which, although organic and good for soil building, actually contain few nutrients. For flower and fruit development, bonemeal with a high phosphorus count is the organic of choice, while blood meal is a good source of nitrogen.

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