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Bromine In Hot Tub Health

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Bromine In Hot Tub Health

Bromine and Pets. Many dogs love nothing more than to jump in the swimming pool on a hot day, but the chemicals in the pool can irritate delicate eyes, nostrils and other mucous membranes. While bromine is generally easier on bathing pets than chlorine, it still can result in the irritation of a dog's sensitive system.
Is Bromine in your spa bad for you healthwise? Reason I ask is that I stumbled on a website that was talking about the health effects of Bromine .
chlorine vs. bromine For the hot tub or spa owner, a thought might enter their head: “Hey, why not use pool chemicals for the hot tub? They're a lot cheaper!”.
Me and my wife always enjoyed relaxing in a hot tub after a nerve wracking stressful day. But of late we started noticing that every time we come out of the Hot .

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