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Candles With Jewelry Inside Canada

Candles With Jewelry Inside Canada

Top Sellers. Charmed Aroma. December Birthstone – Topaz Candle. Snowflake Bath Bomb. On sale$17.99 $15.99. Diamond Jar – Moonstone Ring Candle. On sale $34.99 $17.49. Princess Crown – Crown Ring Bath Bomb. Sparkling Druzy Ring Candle. Champagne Shimmer Bath Bomb. Mystic Topaz Ring Candle. Candy Cane Candle (With . These are the best jewelry candles for Canadians. . of ring candles are created equally, some are just plain bad candles with jewelry inside. Canadian based scented ring candles and body care products with a twist. Hidden rings, necklaces & other treasures ranging in value from $25 all the way up to . For lovely-smelling candles with jewelry inside, visit Jewelry Candles! We have a huge selection of 2-in-1 gifts to surprise and delight you. Shop now! All of our candles are carefully designed and handmade with love in Canada to . 925 sterling silver jewelry or higher quality precious metal jewelry in our candlescandles, no matter when it comes to our natural soy wax or the rings inside. Candles with Jewelry hidden inside has become all the rage. . So with the exchange is it worth buying US or sticking to a Canadian company. 12oz. Organic soy candles with or without real Sterling silver and gold Jewelry. Made in Canada, Wax Melts, Bath Bombs, natural products. JewelryJewelry worth up to $5000 in every candle! You can pick Surprise Me (consists of: 18K gold plated, white gold plated, rose gold or 925 Sterling Silver- if . Jewelry candles, Woodwick candles jewelry bath bombs, pedicure products with hidden Sterling silver or Gold. Made in Canada. Beautiful, Fragrant, All Natural Soy Ring Candles With A $10 Ring Inside! Chance To Win A Second Ring Worth Up To $5000! The Perfect Home Fragrance Gift.

Gallery of Candles With Jewelry Inside Canada

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