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Cultivating Mushrooms At Home

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Cultivating Mushrooms At Home

Process of Growing Mushrooms. Fill Trays With Compost. Use 14×16-inch trays about 6 inches deep that resemble seed flats. Use a Heating Pad. Keep Soil Moist. Harvest Mushrooms.
Stages for the home cultivator: Buy a mushroom cultivation kit: If you are a beginner, buying a kit really helps you get a feeling for how mushrooms grow. See our .
Steps. Decide what type of mushroom you want to grow. Purchase mushroom spawn. Sterilize the growing substrate. Heat the substrate so that the mycelia will spread. Place the substrate into the proper environment. Harvest your mushrooms when they are fully grown.
My advice: just get started by growing Oyster and Shiitake mushrooms using low-tech methods, which don't require such an expensive setup and steep learning .
You are here: Home / Mushrooms / Starting a Mushroom Farming Business. Plus, starting your own business growing oyster mushrooms for profit is fairly easy.

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