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Hot Tub Cover Protectant

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Hot Tub Cover Protectant

Leisure Time Cover Care Cover Care cleans, restores and protects spa covers from weathering, fading and discoloration. Specially formulated with a UV protectant. Cover Care can be used on all vinyl surfaces, including car interiors, boats, spa covers and patio furniture.
To ensure the longest life of your cover we recommend Spa Cover Cleaner & Protectant. This product cleans, preserves, protects and restores color. Keeps vinyl .
303 Protectant 16 oz. Qty: 303 Aerospace Protectant features the leading UV-blocking technology for spa covers.. 303 Protectant is the ONLY product we recommend for safely extending the life of vinyl spa covers.
The Only Choice!! * 303 protected vinyl repels dust, dirt, oils, tree sap and stains to maintain surface integrity * 303 protected vinyl restores lost color and luster.
A Vinyl hot tub cover requires a gentle cleanser just like leather. It is very important to regularly clean your hot tub cover in order to protect the vinyl from wear and tear.. Oil based products or protectants are extremely damaging because they amplify sun rays, essentially cooking your hot tub cover.
Developed for aerospace and aviation applications, 303 is the World's most effective UV screening product, does not contain silicone oils, waxes, glycerin or  .

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