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How To Keep Cats Out Of Christmas Tree

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How To Keep Cats Out Of Christmas Tree
How To Keep Cats Out Of Christmas Tree

The coming of the Christmas trees is a large event for Cats. Life was bordering and “ho hum” before you brought this fantastic bit of the fantastic outdoors inside. And if the tree was not enough, you so thoughtfully added all those sparkly and dangly toys from the branches! Now, how to keep cats out of Christmas tree? how do you break the news to Cats that the shrub is really not because of him.


First of all, this is the opportunity to present Cats including all the gifts that you were intending to spare for December 25th. Obviously, if one of these only happens to be a floor-to-ceiling cat tree, then your problems are over. Let us face it, part of being a cat includes the drive to be up high and they like to climb.


It gives them a sense of security and domination that’s so vital to the feline mind. A few well-made catnip toys plus a few interactive play with a brand new fishing pole toy may also help to compensate Cats for that which he is not getting The Tree!). Be sure Your Cats has a tall, sturdy, sisal scratching post (we urge “The Ultimate Scratching Post™”) to which he can direct his instinctive scratching behaviors.


For the safety of the Cats, the decorations, and your family, be certain the tree is stable and cannot be tipped over. A thick tree rack can help but it is also wise to twist a hook to the ceiling and then attach a string from the hook to the tree top if Cats makes a leap for the tree whenever you are not looking. Remember that pets love to drink the water from their tree stand, and therefore don’t add any additives which could be damaging to your furry family members, which includes your dog.


In order to maintain that holiday spirit of goodwill and peace, it’s important to invent distant corrections to maintain Cats from trouble. Please watch out article “What Cats Doesn’t Want You to Know”. This usually means that the environment, not you, tells Cats to stay away from the tree.


Direct corrections (crying or squirting with a water jar) will only teach your cat “owner absent” behavior. These approaches can be confusing and frightening to the cat along with the additional stress may lead to other behavioral issues such as not using the litter box.


How Do I Maintain My Cat Away the Christmas Tree?


Products to keep cats out of christmas tree – Alright, so throughout this year, you purchase your kitten or cat climbing articles and glistening, dangling toys that they like to play with. Then come Christmas time and you walk in with the biggest, shiniest play thing they’ve ever seen, with not only one, but tons of dangling balls and strings only for them! Blend your cats love for climbing trees with all the new toys hanging from it and you have got yourself one excited Cats and one severe problem! Cats knocking down and ruining your beautiful Christmas tree is not a new problem.


Spraying the cat with a water jar, or utilizing Bitter Apple Spray. Well, I’d immediately dismiss the water jar tip when it requires electric Christmas lighting! Bitter Apple works for a few, but wears off fast and must be frequently re-applied together with the lights unplugged.


Some pet owners have said their cats actually adore the taste, but some claim it functions for the Cats, but the dog loves it! Lastly, Bitter Apple functions as a flavor deterrent. If your Cats is brewed the tree, it is not too late already!? Do not be discouraged.


There’s a best way to keep cats out of christmas tree available that is totally safe for kids and pets also has worked for years for our customers. Keep Away functions differently by using odor as the deterrent instead of taste.


It creates a pleasant mint odor to us, however, to cats and dogs, it’s the equivalent of us takes a deep sniff of horseradish! Keep Away stops them before they are scaling the tree, swallowing the tinsel and knocking down all of the ornaments, or chewing gum up your favorite sneakers! Take your time and divert your cat’s attention to appropriate toys for them, It will make for a very MERRY CHRISTMAS to everybody!

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