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Landscape Fabric Under Mulch

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Landscape Fabric Under Mulch

Here is a good example of River Rock used in place of mulch. Yep, you guessed it. Landscape fabric was placed under all of it! Landscape fabric is really only .
Avoid using impermeable plastic, especially if you have trees, shrubs or other plants nearby. Unfortunately, landscape fabric also makes weeding extremely difficult; you can't get a shovel down through the rock and fabric. And it's tough to pull weeds that root into the fabric. Don't use fabric under organic mulches.
Landscaping fabric is a pricey material used to suppress weeds without the use of herbicides, but it is worth the cost. Unlike black plastic, landscaping fabric is .
She figured that the landscape fabric (or weed barrier, as it is also called). The detrimental effects of the superfluous weed barrier fabric under the mulch are .

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