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Lawn Mower Synthetic Oil

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Lawn Mower Synthetic Oil

SAE 30- Warmer temperatures, most common oil for small engines. SAE 10W-30- Varying temperature range, this grade of oil improves cold weather starting, but may increase oil consumption. Synthetic SAE 5W-30- Best protection at all temperatures as well as improved starting with less oil consumption.
Small Engine Oil Type Recommendations: Use SAE 30 in warmer temperatures of 40° F and higher (5° C and higher) Use SAE 10W-30 for a varying temperature range of 0 to 100° F (-18 to 38° C), this grade of oil improves cold weather starting, but may increase oil consumption at 80° F(27° C) or higher.
Lawn Mower Oil. Briggs & Stratton 30W Engine Oil – 48 Oz. Briggs & Stratton 100005 SAE 30W Engine Oil – 18 Oz. Briggs & Stratton SAE 5W-30 Synthetic Small Engine Motor Oil – 32 Oz. Honda 08207-10W30 Motor Oil. Toro 38916 SAE 30 Oil 18 Oz Bottle. Maxpower 337015 48-Ounce 4 Cycle Lawn Mower Oil. Kohler 25 357 05 PK2.
Synthetic oil is considered ideal for machines that work in extreme hot or cold temperatures or hilly terrain. Changing your lawnmower's engine from a detergent .
Synthetic oil is refined, distilled and purified with additives to protect engines better. synthetic oil provides better protection and better cold starts on a lawnmower.

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