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Baby Safety Gate For Narrow Doorway

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Baby Safety Gate For Narrow Doorway : Tippitoes Safety Gate Extra Narrow : Narrow Baby Gate : Baby.. This is the only metal, self-latching gate that will fit a 24-inch door that we could .
We live in an old house (built in 1924) and DD's doorway is only 24" wide. All the baby gates I've seen are 28-32" wide. Does anyone have a .
Hack Your Baby Gate For Narrow Doorways~ Trying to do a cubby-hole closet. Relius Solutions Single Gates For Narrow Doorway – 36"W Expanded – 56"H.
Check out our recommendations for the best baby gates for your young ones.. gates, aside from those regarding sharp edges, toxicity of materials, and small parts.. Suitable for doorways 28-48 inches wide; Auto-closing, walk-through door.
For some reason, nearly all baby gates start at 28-inches wide.. them use the same linear ratcheting mechanism to get the gate to fit snugly into the door-jam.
Problem is, the doorway is extremely small (24"), and most,. I prefer the white metal gates that open outward as opposed to the plastic ones .

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