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Move A Hot Tub Tips

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Move A Hot Tub Tips

Hot tubs are difficult to move, so you'll need the right equipment and plenty of. lift the hot tub, and another person slide dollies under its base and help guide it.
While hot tubs are fun for a relaxing soak, they're difficult to move. Follow these tips to safely transport your spa or jacuzzi.
It's moving day, and you can't just leave the hot tub that's been responsible for so. panel and lift it carefully onto its side, using a spotter to ensure it doesn't tip .
One thing we've learned over the years: When our customers move, it's hard to leave your Hot Spring Spa behind! For those of you who just can't bear it and .
It's best to leave moving a hot tub to the pros. However, if you'd like to. other things too? Have a look at our tips to help with planning your move ahead of time!

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