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Precast Concrete Landscape Edging

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Precast Concrete Landscape Edging

Precast concrete interlocking style lawn edgers are 12" long. They can be used to edge flower gardens, lawns, or trees. They can be adapted to many shapes .
We can mass produce vastly superior precast concrete curbing in record time. Along with our curbing, we manufacture the following products: •. Precast Curb.
36" Straight · 17½" Inside Corner · 17½" Outside Corner · 45° Inside Curve 8' Dia. 45° Outside Curve 8' Dia. 90° Inside Curve 36" Dia .
These precast concrete curbing pieces can be placed in areas where the lawn meets a walkway or patio, along the edge of a driveway, or along the sidewalk in .
Concrete Lawn Edging. Lawn Edging is designed for the higher lip to back onto the Garden with the lower flat section placed at Lawn height. Lawn Edging .
Concrete curbing is more economical and durable than traditional plastic edging that tends to protrude and be cut off or damaged by lawn mowers. Concrete .
Stone, brick or concrete landscape edging: Gives a more formal appearance. Use precast concrete or brick in a saw tooth / zigzag pattern. Installing edging is a .

Gallery of Precast Concrete Landscape Edging

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